Presentations will be offered throughout the weekend. These are at no additional cost to attendees of the Wayzgoose. There will be plenty of seating, but they will be first come, first serve basis.

Greg Walters will be offering presentations at various times on Thursday and Friday. These will probably last about 2 hours each and the specific times and location will be posted in the lobby.

  • Hidden Images – Watermarks. Printers labor mightily to put beautiful images on paper, but some papermarkers put the image IN the paper. Learn how to find them and how they are made.
  • It’s All Greek to Me – foreign specimen samples. A selection of foreign specimen books from extensive Greg’s collection. See design movements and styles that never made it to the USA. He will show both foundry and wood type specimens.

Talks and demonstrations about preparing and cutting wood type, staring from the raw material to the finished product will be given at various times on Thursday and Friday by volunteers from the museum.

We will have an area set-up to view various printing and wood type DVDs. This will include Type Face and Making Faces. This will be ongoing on Thursday and Friday.

Tour of the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum. Ongoing on Thursday and Friday as groups can form and be guided through the massive facility.